Clairvoyant Readings

Everything in our physical world has a source in the invisible

If you’re looking for insight into your life’s story or seeking clarity about the forces effecting you, a reading is the best place to start. Maybe you’ve been a spiritual adept for years and are seeking your next steps: Maybe you’ve had a recent awakening and are wondering where to go next. Maybe you’re feeling the presence of loved ones who have passed on and want to communicate with them. Or maybe your Spiritual/Paranormal encounters have not been so benevolent and you need to know what’s really going on!

All these scenarios, and innumerably more, we will shed light on in a Clairvoyant Reading.

There is a basic structure for introductory clients; but anything that ills or interests you can be addressed. There is much to be learned and more to be found and with our time together we will explore these questions in a space that is energetically safe and spiritually sound.

A reading can be very powerful and is in it’s own way a healing in itself!

A reading is many things, but it is at the very core a ‘Hello’ from spirit to you; it’s an opportunity for you as a Spirit to communicate directly to you as a Body. And through this process we heal, empower, overcome, transcend, accept and re-imagine ourselves and others; transforming our lives and our perspectives that we might live a more holistically sound life.

$80 per hour or equivalent trade of Goods or Services

Available In-person or Online

Only $30 deposit required!

Clairvoyant Healings

Your capacity to heal is limited only by your capacity to recieve

Clairvoyant Healings differ from a reading because it’s in a healing where we can locate specific energies that are effecting you and manipulate them in various ways so that a more affirmative atmosphere might be created in your energetic reality. This involves curse removal, healing of astral bodies, the removal of energetic sources of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailments. Realignment of the soul/chakra system.

This space is appropriate for not just gaining insight into a given situation but also do something about it.  This could involve removal of energetic residue from an outdated belief system, clearing of family Karma/trauma, gaining resolution of the past/event. In a healing we separate your energy from others, allowing the energy you are calling back to yourself to have the time and space to integrate.

This also applies to healings of the home as well, if you are experiencing problems in your home or have  persistent malevolent presences I conduct House healings as well.

$120 per hour or equivalent trade of Goods or Services

Available in-person or Online

Only $30 deposit required!

Healing Packages

Energy flows where attention goes

A healing package is for you if you are going through difficultly in life that seems relentless. If life has you running into roadblock after roadblock; you are feeling constantly drained or are feeling aimless; you have cyclical habits that you are trying to break but can’t quite seem to let go of; you’re going through a separation and all feels lost. Maybe you are getting ready to make serious changes in your life or serious changes have occurred outside of your control.

Any and all of these experiences would warrant a Healing package as sometimes these times are too hard to go it alone. You are never alone. In a healing package you are here to receive; your only responsibility will be to focus on giving to yourself, practicing self-love and be in tune with your highest creative essence to proactively achieve your goal.

Before we begin we will schedule a consultation where we will determine the appropriate number of days to meet together where you will receive a mixture of readings (Astrological and/or Clairvoyant), healings and possibly learn some spiritual tools for your own practice, and through our time together we will forge your path of healing and achievement.

These meetings can be arranged once a month, once a week or spread out over the course of a year; we will decide together what frequency will work best for you.


3 sessions minimum for $255; additional sessions to be determined

Available In-person or Online

Only $30 deposit required for Consultation!

One-on-one Training

Equipt yourself

More info very soon to come! If you’re interested feel free to send me an email!