A cornerstone in all culture on this Planet

Philosophy and Approach

Cultures from all four directions of this Earth have names and interpretations for the stars and planets in the night sky. They attributed to them energies, that they then incorporated into their daily life and culture in varying degrees of importance. Here, in this contemporary American society, there are hundreds of apps in the app store allowing effortless access, yet, with the general consensus of “time is money” we are constantly discouraged from seeking and incorporating this ancient guidance into our lives beyond the mundane consumer/capitalist existence.

When we start living lives that are astrologically-inclined, we immediately take a step towards a life that is harmonious with greater cycles of becoming and accepting of the reality we currently inhabit. Not only is Astrology present and grounding, it is simultaneously intertwined with our future and our ancestry; a key to our individual genetic memory. If you make ten minutes and research the origins of Astronomy and Astrology around the world you will find how impactful the stars were in developing an understanding of the world and the basis for culture. Every culture has a Moon God or Goddess; there is a name: an archetype for the Sun. There are legends, myths, and creation stories about how such life giving and guiding sources came to be: how these celestial forms continue to nourish us, protect us, and guide the community. 

On the individual level, Astrology makes it blatantly clear just how different and unique we all are regardless of where we find ourselves in our life, and is truly a key for de-constructing distortions of self-worth or purpose that society constantly projects onto us. Astrology invites us to recognize the cycles and patterns in our lives for what they are. When our charts are interpreted holistically within the context of our lives, we develop a particular level of understanding and are rewarded with the inspiration to identify and perform that which is necessary to achieve our destiny.

Broadly speaking; destiny is a loaded term, but it is important to mention because truly any goal that we set for ourselves and achieve may as well be act of destiny when defined as: that which was planned or foreseen comes to pass. Even when everything is against you: destiny takes the form of baby-steps. We typically associate destiny with a purpose to our life, but in the simplest sense, the understanding of ones purpose is to a large extent self-determined: and at the very core self-actualized. So whether it’s from within or without; Astrology is a wonderful tool to help determine how, when or where in our lives we might choose to achieve a destiny worth living.



Currently, all reading options are conducted through the lens of the typical Western Astrology – Placidus house arrangement. Additionally, I incorporate Sidereal house systems and Planet placement analysis when appropriate as to incorporate a certain layer of  ‘realism’ which can prove useful in cusp or orb situations. I am also in the process of educating myself on the various techniques and traditions of Vedic Astrology and hope to provide these and other types of readings in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Scheduling a “date” when booking an Astrology Reading is for which day you would like your reading completed by, but please be aware I will still need to contact you for your Birth Data. If ASAP pick the closest time to “now”. ALSO: I will reach out to you directly via e-mail for your Birth Data including Time of Day, Year, Month, Day and City/State/Country.

Two types of readings: 

Birthchart Reading– This reading will be sent via e-mail, I take a look at where the planets are in your  houses, major aspects, some major asteroids, and I will also look at the major long term aspects currently in transit in your chart.

This Reading averages 3-4 pages in length and includes a copy of your Birthchart.


The Blooming Moon Workshop – Come to our local workshop or join in from afar and have your own new moon ceremony with input from the stars. This space is all about gaining clarity, and doing so amongst a community of likeminded people who take astrology, of any cultural background, seriously. We gather not just to share stories and advice, but to also to hold space for one another to grow, heal, expand or collapse.

In this reading you will receive a forecast for the upcoming lunar cycle; we take a look at where each phase of the moon will occur in your chart thereby giving you a certain level of oversight and celestial stability as your own life unfolds. We also look at major aspects occurring elsewhere in the heavens and provide insight as to what areas of your life may be affected. This includes guidance with planetary retrogrades, Natal-Transit aspects and aspects to major asteroids including Ceres, Chiron, and Juno.

In the Blooming Moon ritual space, we make time to examine our own chart analysis and formulate ideas and foresight about how we might want to approach and navigate these energies, and we follow up with a group meditation where we use psychic tools and set our intentions from within the harmony of that which is to come.

We meet on the Saturday nearest the New Moon

In-Person at Wisdom of the Heart in Berkeley: $30

E-mail/Online: $50 (Book with 1st Link Above)