Lux Illumine

Spiritual Counseling and Self-Healing Light Work

Lux Illumine

Spiritual Counseling

Self-Healing Light Work

Services Offered

Clairvoyant Readings

Have some fun and learn about a past life or two, find out the source of energy blocks in your life, gain clarity through difficult times, meet or call in spirit guides, life path assessment; all this and more is possible in a One-on-One reading. Applicable for all areas of life, relationship problems, great for gaining perspective on any transition you may be currently experiencing. Sessions ranging from 1 – 2 Hours.

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Clairvoyant Healings

Less of a psychic reading, but with all the more to gain as I help you clear and neutralize blocks in your aura, chakras and energy channels thus making space for you to heal, create, or attract your next steps. Some communication provided, main focus here is the healing itself. 

Length of Session/’s depending on severity of situation.


Healing Packages

Have a long term issue, energy, or behavior pattern that needs more attention than a single healing or reading? With a healing package we will schedule multiple meetings in advance, that way you have support all the way through your healing journey. Standard and Custom packages available for planning. 


One-On-One Training

Learn new psychic/spiritual tools to control your own energy, heal yourself and bring more awareness into your daily life; or use them to expand your practice! Each “class” is 3 weeks with one session per week; dates and times are flexible to yours and my schedule.


Astrology Birth-Chart Readings

Feeling off? Feeling Energetic? Curious about how another planets energies effect us every day? With a chart reading we will explore your chart and answer any questions that you might have. 1 hour sessions available, includes a copy of your birth-chart and a diagnosis of upcoming transits and aspects and where you can anticipate them effecting your life



Join us every New Moon at The Blooming Moon Workshop; Collaborate and brainstorm with fellow energy workers in Light Workers for Social Justice, take part in our global lightworking healing initiative called Earth Crisis; and much much more!

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Work with me In Berkeley at

Wisdom of the Heart

This is energetically sound spiritual sanctuary for all: LGBTQ+ and POC inclusive. Nearly all services require only a $30 deposit upfront to help increase accessibility.  Several Bay Area practitioners of different disciplines of the Healing Arts practice here and I highly recommend them! 

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Welcome! My name is Luke, I was born and raised in the East Bay of California. Things have certainly accelerated quickly in 28 years, I personally have been feeling the tides very strongly the last six of them and to process them I have accumulated some very powerful tools for self-healing, manifesting and aligning with the Divine in daily life: bringing remembrance and purpose back into a hyper-materialist society.

I’m compelled to offer these services to all; that we might turn the tides from within (and in our daily life) and that we might cultivate peace, joy, healing and health through establishing a mentality of radical self-love that serves us and those we cherish most deeply in our lives.

PS: I have just launched this site, I ask for your patience! Soon I will add links and resources that you might also find inspiring

Be Well!


Everything is part of one inherently artistic cosmic plan.

The Cosmic History Chronicles
20 November 2019, Day 6 of Moon 5, Overtone Moon (15 Nov – 12 Dec)

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